AceBridge.net is a powerful networking platform, connecting elites from top universities and companies across the world. AceBridge is dedicated to help members to expand and maximize the value of their network, making it much more efficie-nt to connect, communicate, receive information about career, piebridge, events, etc, to make new friends and meet pot-ential business partners to achieve greater success.

AceBridge means “Ace – outstanding elites” and “Bridge – connecting the dots”. AceBridge started its journey in Singapo-re from April 2009, and then expanded to Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, London and New York. To maximize the synergi-es among all the members, AceBridge organized various networking events and entertainment sessions to encourage mo-re interactions.

Our mission is to connect the global elites to drive your success in both career and life. We believe you could enjoy a po-werful combination of worldwide contacts, insider intelligence and effective collaboration by greatly leveraging the benefi-ts of a shared network and open communication platform. Welcome to AceBridge.net, a global elite community on intern-et today.